Programs We Support

One of our principal beliefs at BEDF is that opportunities for academic and character development must exist beyond the boundaries of school hours. With this ethos, BEDF facilitates access to a variety of specially-tailored learning initiatives that tap into opportunities for student’s personal growth and expansion of their wide-spanning knowledge base and skillset.

Likewise, BEDF’s portfolio includes critical leadership and professional development programs for teachers and school leaders along with engagement and learning programs for families.


Boston K1DS

The Boston K1DS three-year demonstration project expanded the successful BPS preschool model in 14 community-based programs. This partnership between BPS, Thrive in 5, and community-based organizations built a high quality, private and city-funded network of early childhood pre-K classrooms to expand access for families, close the achievement gap and improve the academic outcomes for Boston children living in the Circle of Promise and East Boston.

Through a mix of technical assistance, professional development and additional funding, community-based early education programs are better able to:

Retain highly qualified staff

Implement a literacy- and math-rich curriculum

Maintain full-day/year-round services essential for working parents

Boston K1DS now serves as a model for the federal Preschool Expansion Grant (PEG) across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Many of the Boston K1DS programs are now PEG programs. Learn more about Boston’s Preschool Expansion Grant.


Wentworth Training Program

Available to BPS students ages 18-22 in Special Education, this community based vocational training program offers internships, externships, employment and postgraduate opportunities in the field of facility management, hospitality, customer service, business management and public works. Over the last 26 years, Wentworth has provided its unwavering commitment to over 4,000 students. Learn more at the Wentworth Training Program website.


The Extended Day Program at the Warren-Prescott School

The Extended Day Program at the Warren-Prescott School This Program is offered to K1 through 6th grade students. It provides a quiet place for students to complete their homework, socialize with their peers, and participate in enrichment and extracurricular activities, such as yoga, piano and soccer, all within the safety and supervision of school staff. 135 students enrolled for the school year 2015-2016.