Founded in 1984, the Boston Education Fund (BEDF) is a K-12 education fund that serves as the fiscal sponsor 501c(3) and fundraising partner to the Boston Public Schools (BPS). BEDF facilitates access to philanthropic funding and administers these resources to sustain and expand educational opportunities for students, educators, and families. Over the past two decades, BEDF has administered over $200M (roughly $130M since 2010) in private funds for BPS.

Supporting the Mission of Boston Public Schools

BEDF serves as a critical bridge between schools and private philanthropic funders. By facilitating donors’ support for multifaceted public schools’ programs and strategic educational initiatives, BEDF helps bring to life enriching opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable to a large population of students.

Working in close partnership with individual schools and departments, BEDF supports school leaders and administrators to effectively solicit and administer private grants and donations, aiming to increase the quality and quantity of educational opportunities afforded to students. Moreover, BEDF assists schools in expanding their fundraising capacities by hosting workshops, launching fundraisers and coaching specific development activities.

Preparing Students, Supporting Educators

Programs and initiatives made possible by financial resources secured through BEDF include arts and health activities for students, leadership and professional development services for educators, and other varied academic initiatives. These programs equip students with the skills, knowledge, self-esteem, and experience to excel in all arenas of their lives moving forward.