Fiscal Sponsorship Services

The Boston Education Fund administers granted private contributions to fund programs and initiatives that are run by both individual schools and their leaders, as well as district-spanning departments and programs. As a fiscal sponsor, BEDF provides general management, financial, administrative, and fundraising services to BPS, with an emphasis on improving operating and fundraising capacities.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Fiscal Sponsorship:

If your school or department is interested in utilizing our status as a 501(c)(3) to seek fundraising and grant support we are happy to assist you. By entering into a fiscal sponsorship agreement with BEDF, you can ensure that all of your projects and initiatives can receive the philanthropic funding they need to succeed!

Accounting Services:

With extensive in-house accounting expertise, BEDF is happy to assist with all of your financial management and bookkeeping needs.

Development Support:

If your school needs support with its next grant-application or fundraiser. BEDF has decades of experience helping schools reach their fundraising and grantseeking goals and is happy to assist in any way possible.