The Boston Education Fund (BEDF) is a 501(c)3 K-12 education fund that has served as the fiscal sponsor for Boston Public Schools (BPS) since 1984. Under new leadership, BEDF’s mission is expanding to include a strategic fundraising partnership with BPS to help advance educational equity and build philanthropic initiatives impacting the entire BPS school district.

We believe that at the heart of determining how to allocate resources and support should be a proactive collaboration with the community, focusing on communities that have been historically marginalized, excluded, and underrepresented.

BEDF’s commitment to serving as a connector and resource facilitator for all stakeholders in the BPS ecosystem drives our new fundraising initiative, EdQuity Boston.


EdQuity Boston, a BEDF initiative, will provide a new fundraising avenue dedicated to advancing educational equity in Boston by elevating the community’s voice to advance BPS’s strategic priorities.

EdQuity Boston’s goal is to reimagine the relationships between all BPS stakeholders, shift toward a more equitable resource allocation process centered around our BPS students, and promote a reflective and inclusive educational ecosystem in Boston.

In philanthropy, it is not uncommon for funding to be tied to funders’ priorities. Yet, real equity is about honoring the voices of those impacted and providing them with a seat at the table to help make decisions. 

Through EdQuity Boston, we can innovatively disrupt therelationships between those who hold the power and those impacted.


We recognize that systemic change needs to happen in order to have a transformative impact on Boston Public Schools. Through EdQuity Boston, we are challenging the status quo by giving a voice to those in the community and empowering them to use their power to bring change.

Funds raised through the EdQuity Boston Kickoff Breakfast will directly support planning and implementing BEDF’s EdQuity Boston initiative.

In partnership with The Participatory Budgeting Project (PBP) and BPS, EdQuity Boston will:

  • Advance short and long-term initiatives regardless of leadership transitions.
  • Advance short and long-term initiatives regardless of leadership transitions.
  • Incorporate a participatory budgeting process with a community vote to increase representation and hear new voices from historically disenfranchised groups.
  • Uplift shared decision-making power with an emphasis on community engagement.
  • Promote engagement with and accountability from the community.
  • Operate with efficiency and transparency through BEDF’s established fund management systems.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Join the EdQuity Boston movement and demonstrate your commitment to advancing educational equity in Boston. Sponsorship levels are listed below. Please contact us if you would like to add customized benefits to enhance your partnership, such as category exclusivity, sponsorship of a special event, etc.



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