Boston K1DS

The Boston K1DS three-year demonstration project expanded the successful BPS preschool model in 14 community-based programs. This partnership between BPS, Thrive in 5, and community-based organizations built a high quality, private and city-funded network of early childhood pre-K classrooms to expand access for families, close the achievement gap and improve the academic outcomes for Boston children living in the Circle of Promise and East Boston.

Through a mix of technical assistance, professional development and additional funding, community-based early education programs are better able to:

  • Retain highly qualified staff
  • Implement a literacy- and math-rich curriculum
  • Maintain full-day/year-round services essential for working parents

Boston K1DS now serves as a model for the federal Preschool Expansion Grant (PEG) across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Many of the Boston K1DS programs are now PEG programs.
Learn more about Boston’s Preschool Expansion Grant.