The Boston Educational Development Fund administers granted private contributions to fund programs and initiatives that are run by individual schools and their leaders. Within its responsibilities as a fiscal sponsor, BEDF provides general management, financial, administrative, staffing and fundraising services to BPS, with an eye toward increasing the programs’ operating capacity and ensuring a timely implementation, facilitating all necessary fundraising compliance and reporting back to all private funders.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Fiscal Sponsorship:

  • If your school or organization is looking to fundraise, but lack its own 501(c) tax-exempt status, we are happy to work with you. By entering into a fiscal sponsorship agreement with BEDF, you can ensure that all of your projects and initiatives can receive the philanthropic funding they need to succeed! To learn more about BEDF’s fiscal sponsorship services, please see our FAQ.


  • If your school needs support with payroll for its before or after-school programs, BEDF is happy to help. To learn more about BEDF’s payroll and human resources support services, please see our FAQ.

Accounting Services:

  • With extensive in-house accounting expertise, BEDF is happy to assist with all of your financial management and bookkeeping needs. To learn more, please see our FAQ.

Development Support:

  • If your school needs support with its next grant-application or fundraiser. BEDF has decades of experience helping schools reach their fundraising and grantseeking goals and is happy to assist in any way possible. To learn more, please see our FAQ.

Sponsorship and Stewardship

As a steward of private resources and operating as a fiscal sponsor, BEDF works diligently to ensure that all fundraising efforts are conducted in a manner that furthers the goals of BPS and maintains its commitment to the highest professional standards on its fiduciary and financial oversight role as it relates to the administration of funds.

We encourage funders to visit of our Giving Common portal for more information.

Whistleblower Policy

This Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable all officers, directors, employees, volunteers and staff of BEDF, and users of our fiscal sponsorship services on a voluntary basis, to raise serious concerns related to the operations of BEDF for investigation and appropriate action, prior to seeking resolution outside BEDF. Read the full BEDF Whistleblower Policy.