There is a variety of tried and true ways to take leadership over an idea to support school programs and to bring that vision to life. If there is an initiative that you want to take off the ground, we recommend this outline as an excellent place to work from.

  • Events: Events can prove an excellent means for fundraising when a specific goal is to involve all members from a school community. A critical component of successful event-planning is the delegation of responsibilities into separate, yet cohesive groups. For every element of an event (publicity, volunteer coordination, activities) there should be a separate sub-committee to ensure that it is being carried out efficiently and thoroughly. Events also offer an opportunity to collaborate with local businesses in a mutually beneficial fashion.
  • Product Sales: Product sales are an effective fundraising option if adult volunteers are sparse, advance funds for larger scale events are unavailable, or if the target program for the fundraising activity is more specialized. It is critical that both the vending and purchasing of the item being sold be made as easy a process as possible to ensure sustained community engagement. The next most important component of this fundraising strategy is to pre-organize sales, so that product is shipped out in a timely manner, building an expected level of professional conduct for future fundraisers.
  • Corporate Proceeds and Equipment Donations: Collaborating with local businesses and retailers can serve as an excellent fundraising mechanism. There are several often-practiced ways for retailers to pledge a given amount or percentage of sales dollars towards school programs. Some schools and businesses have agreed upon hours of the day between which a certain percent of total sales is allocated towards school programming. Voucher systems have also proven to be a successful fundraising method in the school and retailer partnership space.
  • In-Kind Donations: In-kind donations are a viable option for schools who lack advance money to support programs or events. Many local businesses and retailers are more than willing to offer their services towards school fundraising initiatives as a way to better their communities and earn goodwill with families involved with public schools.
  • Employers Charitable Matching. Most employers support charitable programs and community engagement so they would match funds given by employees to the cause of their interest.

For more information about on-going work with corporate partners and strategies to engage with funders please visit the InvestBPS website.

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