The Boston Educational Development Fund is a K-12 education foundation and fiscal partner of Boston Public Schools. It is fully dedicated to facilitating access to crucial philanthropic opportunities and private financial resources that significantly benefit students and educators.

With the goal of fostering positive student outcomes across the District, BEDF provides fundraising support and administers education programs that bolsters student’s abilities and depth of learning, allowing for sustained success inside and beyond the classroom.

Supporting the Mission of Boston Public Schools

BEDF, which was founded in 1984, assists the Boston Public Schools’ vision and efforts, serving as a critical bridge between schools and private philanthropic funders. By facilitating donors’ support for multifaceted public schools’ programs and strategic educational initiatives, BEDF helps bring to life enriching opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable to a large population of students.

Preparing Students, Supporting Educators

Programs and initiatives made possible by financial resources secured through BEDF include out-of-school learning programs, arts and health activities for students, leadership and professional development services for educators, and other varied academic initiatives. These programs equip students with the skills, knowledge, self-esteem, and experience to excel in all arenas of their lives moving forward.

  • We aim to build a fundraising capacity at the schools’ level to supplement their instructional goals